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Primarily I consider myself a writer, musician, producer and creative and love nothing more than working to create inspiring compositions and content for my supporters and subscribers.
In the late 1980's and early 1990's I was a very busy gigging guitar player, playing every day and gigging a least once per week in everything from small pubs to 2000+ festival crowds. To this day I still jam and play and have multiple projects on the go such as the British Boutique Guitar Festival of which I am a founding partner. I also run a YouTube channel (CGS) and always look forward to appearing live at every opportunity.
In 2017 I built a silent studio creative space facility which I use for rehearsal, recording and video production work as an outlet for creative content I devise. Bay Tree Studios is a flexible place where I now do all of my production, composing and content creation. It is available for hire and I create audio and video projects for many, with a very diverse client base.
My output varies ever more widely to keep it interesting both for me and for you, but in the past I have reviewed and demonstrated guitars, amplifiers, effects and studio equipment, I have interviewed and collaborated with musicians, creators and developers to bring new fresh ideas to my viewers and supporters.
Your opinion is key to my development and I am always keen to hear from you with ideas for content and even collaboration. 

British Boutique
Guitar Festival

The UK's first and only YouTuber/Industry Event

I am one of the partners in this bi-annual event which takes place at
my own home, bringing together YouTubers and Great British
builders, luthiers and brands.

Why my channel started

So originally I had no intention of starting a youtube channel, in fact my intention was to make a video reply to Dave's in Texas and PixxxyLixx showing you couldn't get a guitar from china for under $200! Well you could and I did and that's where it all started. However I have spent the rest of my time on Youtube trying to help people avoid being ripped off by them. Check out this video to see what the best alternatives are...

Some of my Chinese Fakes

Every single one of these guitars came with some sort of issue that needed fixing. Although I fixed them all some still will never intonate and I will never play them live as they are just not good enough. My advice is always to look for the alternative cheaper options that are out there these day as you can get much better playing and sounding guitars for half the money of a fake these days. Happy hunting!

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