British Boutique Guitar Festival #BBGFest3 

This unique three day guitar show brought together specialist luthiers and YouTube content creators to showcase the best in home grown British guitars, bass guitars amplifiers and all things guitar gear related.

Third ever UK YouTuber Guitar Event:
Following the great success of the first 2 #BBGFest, we are doing it again and will do at least two per year, a Winter and a Summer BBGFest, just like NAMM.

So while we were the first  ever YouTuber guitar event in the UK and this time we have the originator of the whole concept joining us agian for #3 
Mr. Henning Pauly of EytschPi42

We now have all of the YouTubers and Companies attending the Summer 2022 festival. If you are keen to get involved in the summer BBGF4 let us know, get in early to avoid disappointment.

About the Festival

This is what happens when you put two seasoned guitar show visitors together who happen to be a luthier and a YouTuber. We have taken all the best bits we enjoy about the various annual guitar shows and put them together while removing all the bits we don't like.

YouTube Partners for Summer 2022 BBGF3


Mike Milton

Henning Pauly

Henning Pauly

Tom James

Jake Leigh Guitar

Adam Steel

Adam Steel
Hop Pole Studios

Andy Ferris

Leigh Fuge

Leigh Fuge

Mike Bradley


Karl Golden

Summer 2022 #BBGF3 Exhibitors

LT Custom Guitars

Lt Custom Guitars

LT Custom Guitars are created using only the finest exotic timbers, tone-woods and resin hybrids. Every element is hand crafted, resulting in bespoke instruments of the highest quality. Everything on our guitars can be customised, so if you want specific hardware, a fully carved top, custom finish or perhaps even an unusual shape, it can all be created just for you.


Overdrives and fuzzes, designed to work well with any amp, but especially well with SCS TrailBlazer amps

Bispell Audio

A great company making a series of great pedals from overdrive, Fuzz, compressor and EQ's.

Duncan Cruttenden Guitars

I am a trained Luthier, who has completed both the Acoustic and Electric ‘Journeyman Programs’ at The Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair based in Big Rapids, Michigan, US.

In addition, I have completed training with Guitar Tech Courses (Cross In Hand, UK), Crimson Guitars (Dorchester, UK) and The Totnes School of Guitar Making (Totnes, UK).

I am based at my workshop in Bexhill in East Sussex.

Sempiternal Guitars

Hand made custom electric guitars in the heart of Bedfordshire, UK.

Here at Sempiternal Guitars we have our own series of guitars, as well as undertake custom guitar work and perform guitar repairs.

Devil & Sons Customised Guitars

At the Devil & Sons workshop guitars and basses are pimped and modified to create works of art that you can play.

Check out the shop to see what is in stock, have a guitar from the portfolio range made to order, or get in contact to request a personalised custom build or paintjob.

Franklyn Guitar Company

Have you ever looked at a guitar and thought "Shame... if only it was available in this certain colour, with this type of bridge or a different pickup combination"? Well, the choice is in your hands!

Franklyn Guitars was born from a desire to modify existing and trusted designs that weren't quite right and mold them into something I wanted to play. Mixing traditional concepts with modern ideas, but keeping in touch with the look and feel we're all so familiar with.

Each guitar conceived and hand built on the Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire borders.

Maybury Guitars

Using quality woods and built with an attention to detail that you do not get with a mass produced guitar, you will feel special every time you play your Maybury.

Calling on the classic influences of the 50s and 60s, the guitars are both nostalgic yet different and as each guitar is individually built, the guitar is as unique as the person that owns and plays it.

Killick Guitars

I made my first guitar as a teenager. It wasn’t up to much but I still keep it purely for sentimental reasons, so I know what having your very own personal guitar really means.

Ten years ago I was taught to make high quality acoustic guitars by luthier Richard Osborne in his workshop at Lewes, East Sussex. I now design and build for guitarists who want to take a personal interest in the creation of their own personalised instrument.

Zander Circuitry

Secret Swan

From Concept to Creation
“I pride myself in carving beautiful top quality guitars, tailored to fit your tastes and interests. I, then pass it on to a professional luthier to fit your choice of neck and electronics; Together we are able to create a totally bespoke musical instrument of the highest quality.” -Abi Kirwan (Owner of Secret Swan)

Here are all the videos from the BBGFest #2



Every day we did a live show to introduce our exhibitors, here is the first...

Click here to watch the first day live show

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