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Michael nailed my thoughts precisely. What I’ll also say is that I’m attached to a certain look for a guitar. The open book headstock on a Gibson just looks right, same with the cutaway shape vs. an Agile or even ESP. My guitars that hang on my wall are my Chibson, a home built Gibson Copy, a couple Partscasters and some Michael Kelly guitars. All are relatively inexpensive guitars that I’m not worried about heat/humidity cycles killing them. I’m also not worried about my 2 and 4 year old kids around them as well!

I tell everyone that they’re fakes! But the logos look right. Idk, I’m a big dumb animal folks.

I still own a pile of real Gibsons and Fenders. They’re pretty awesome. But I tend to play my lesser guitars a whole lot more often. I’m less worried about accidents causing hundreds of dollars in loss of value.

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