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Hey Michael,

I dropped Cathy a note as I had a guitar in progress with her when her store shut down. This was another round of copyright enforcement shut downs. Dylan shops had been hit by Fender a few weeks before and was shut down. They’re now back online but without any Strats or Teles. Cathy has a new temporary site up and hoped to have her old site back online soon. Here was her last message to me:

AliExpress Chibson Ordering Issues Update

UPDATE from Empress (Cathy):
“yse,friend, Aliexpress frozen many seller’s shop who sell copy brands guitars…also frozen mine,this is bad news,but no worry your orders,evertything going well as plan,,
i will try to finish this guitar as soon as possible for u..stay in touch,also take building process image and finished image as we firstly confirmed
and here is my new shop link
later i will upload more models from this new shop,,u aslo can try buy from new shop later for new orders”

Many of the top Chibson/Chender sellers on AliExpress have pulled their stores today, including Empress, Guitar Monopoly, Zjason, Kevin Shi and Artfit. There isn’t any good info out yet on the reason.”

What’s funny is that I still get Aliexpress emails enticing me to buy fake Gibsons from Trusted Sellers!

People were kind of freaking out about it so I did a quick Youtube vid when this last round went down:

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