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      Yes, that’s right my small Channel…Davesintexas on You Tube is giving away a Brand New Tradition S2000F Les Paul Model. In order to Enter the contest you need to either be subscribed to my channel OR become a new member. Go to my channel…Davesintexas and check out my new video on the guitar and the contest. My next video I will be demonstrating the True Voice of this Great Guitar, retail price, $1040! and the Other Great Prizes that you too can win! That’s right guys. EVEN IN ENGLAND! You guys
      have been shut out of guitar prize contests for too long based on shipping costs, import duties and your Taxes. WELL, if yall are nice enough to watch my channel you deserve a chance to WIN…RIGHT?

      Ya Sure Do! So, watch my video and hit the SUB Button that little Straw Hat in the upper corner and become a member and keep watching for all the rules and regulations that you have to agree on in order to WIN!

      AND BE SURE to TELL YOUR BUDDIES errr Mates about the contest. The faster the SUBs go up the Sooner the Winners are announced.


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