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      I am planning to buy an alexi laiho style guitar from cathy and I’m interested if these floyd roses are good or I have to swap them when I get it?


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      hi buddy! i just joined today; otherwise i would have chimed in before now!

      i haven’t bought any guitars from that seller but out of the 5 or so chinese guitars i’ve played thoroughly with floyds, i had problems with the bridges on 3 of them. 2 of them had burrs on the saddles that would snap the strings and another which almost confounded the best guitar tech i’ve ever known. as best as i can describe it, it was as if they put the bridge in the wrong spot. the guitar wouldn’t intonate properly and didn’t “sing” (it just kinda sounded “dead”). i was thinking it would have to have the bridge posts moved and the bridge cavity rerouted, but because my guitar tech is a genius, he figured out he could fix the problem by adjusting the knife edges on the bridge (the 2 cutout pieces that rest against the bridge posts). those 3 guitars were also prone to snapping strings at the nut and for the screws that hold the clamps down (on the nut) stripping out. from time to time, it seems like the metals used on some of these components are extraordinarily soft. i’ve occasionally found problems with the routes as well, such as a piece of wood which should have been routed out blocks part of the bridge or the rear route isn’t cut deep enough to whammy up very far.

      as for swapping them out, you’ll need to take super accurate measurements and you may find that upgrading these components requires some additional routing or recutting the nut. the nuts and the clamps seem to be much narrower than the higher quality components so they might not be directly interchangeable. i looked into changing a nut once and for this particular guitar my options were replace it with something every bit as bad or recut the nut.

      hope this helps! let me know how yours turns out! party on!

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