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      <br>Tip for Blind and Disabled: Zen Stone MP3 Player Works with NLS New Digital Talking Book Player<br><br>Recently, the NLS has introduced new Talking Book players. The new digital players are supposed to exchange the need for the 4-track cassette players beforehand enjoyed by the blind and bodily disabled to learn audio books from the National Library.<br><br>As many NLS Talking Book users are aware, it’s now attainable for eligible, registered purchasers to download Talking Books using a computer. The digital books can be downloaded onto a thumb drive or onto a special cartridge that can be purchased from choose retailers specializing in merchandise for the blind and physically disabled.<br><br>One of the disadvantages to the thumb drive choice is that not all of them are suitable with the brand new NLS digital Talking Book gamers. It is just about a trial and error problem to see which ones will work with the NLS player and which ones will not. I skilled this problem with the thumb drive I tried to make use of. I then had the option to purchase a special thumb drive or spend money on a cartridge and cord for the player to be able to read my downloaded choices.<br><br>An alternative thought to buying a cartridge, or to get you thru till your cartridge order arrives, you can use here your Zen Stone MP3 player in the identical method as you would the cartridge or thumb drive to retailer the information for the audio guide. Simply obtain the audio e-book as usual to your laptop. Plug your Zen Stone MP3 participant into your USB port on the computer as you’ll to charge it. Open the file for the audio book and select all the files. Copy and paste the recordsdata into the file for the Zen Stone MP3 player in the same way you’ll copy and paste your MP3 music recordsdata.<br><br>To get the NLS digital audio book to play on the new NLS digital Talking Book player may be very straightforward. Simply use the quick USB cord you use to charge the Zen Stone MP3 participant on your pc. This wire matches into the slot on the right facet of the NLS player. Turn the NLS digital player on and fasten your Zen Stone MP3 participant as you would to cost it. Your NLS digital Talking Book participant ought to acknowledge the e-book and start reading it aloud immediately.<br><br>Another neat option utilizing the Zen Stone MP3 participant with the NLS digital player is to take heed to music. If you do not have a downloaded book you wish to learn saved on the Zen Stone, then why not take pleasure in listening to your favourite tunes through the participant. Instead of using earbuds to take heed to the Zen Stone, you need to use the NLS player as a speaker to project your music with glorious sound quality.<br><br>The new NLS digital book player is progressive and sensible. Combining options from the NLS digital book player and the Zen Stone MP3 player can broaden choices for the blind and physically disabled.<br><br><br>

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