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      I recently ordered my first guitar with an Ever7une system. (Substitute the 7 for a “T”- just in case they scour the web for just such a posting).

      I absolutely love it. In case you don’t know what this system does just google it.

      I have yet to order a Chibson, but have been researching the idea like mad. As well, I have been researching like crazy the Ever7une system. I just received my first guitar with this system and it is every single positive thing ever said about it.

      I also recently found cheap guitar They have guitars which also have this system. I can’t find any bit of information on these Chinese Ever7une systems.

      Has anyone ever ordered one?

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      i wasn’t even aware that the chinese had actually made a knockoff of them. I love mine on my solar. What guitar did you get with one on it?

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