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      Hornet SGHi everyone, brand new to the forum.
      I always wanted an SG with a Floyd rose.
      I found a guitar that I think would be perfect made by U.S Masters.

      Here’s a link to the page with the guitar on it.
      What I want to know is if anyone out there could recommend a builder to make this for a reasonable price.
      I pretty much want it built just as the specs are on the website.
      I know I will put in my own pick-ups and probably a quality floyd.
      Of course I would need to make sure the thickness of the body is correct to withstand a free floating floyd in a SG body.

      Any help will be appreciated.


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      Cathy at Empress OEM has been mentioned a number of times in the old forum as being willing to take on custom jobs, and able to communicate well. Or try contacting several of the better rated sellers in this list:

      (Note: I’ve only personally dealt with Jason, and it wasn’t a custom order.)

      I’m sure I’ve seen Aliexpress listings for guitars that have that spalted maple look, but I don’t remember specific sellers.

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