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      el rey


      I’m totalt new to this and have been browsing the forum and Youtube-videos for the last couple of weeks.

      I placed an order for a Chibson with Dylan (New Dylan Shop) about a week ago and so far communication has been good so fingers crossed.

      The other day I came across this video from Shutupandplayyourguitar where he says that there are about 40 different manufacturers out of which only 6-7 make decent quality guitars.

      Do you know what manufacturers the sellers on the a-list use or does this vary from time to time?

      My frind recently got a quite decent bass from Kevin Shi. Maybe should have ordered from him 🙂


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      You’ve just got to take a chance mate there will be a time during this purchase that you will think it’s not going to turn up lol. The shop will close or disappear. He won’t answer your email, he’ll ask for more time lol its exciting and then it arrives and worried it won’t be in one piece. I got a superb Martin some little blemishes here and there don’t get to picky. £70 of work for my guitar tech who said it’s all good.
      Stands me at £200 and I’m happy.
      Good luck.

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      the song remains the same

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      Bluesbishop, this has been done discussed many times before, although I admit the search function doesn’t work so well. There are about 4 large factories in Weifang. 90% of the sellers on the A-List use the same one. (the one which changed to the droopy horn recently – maybe changed back again now) Some of the sellers are not even in Weifang (one is a student in Qingdao University for example). But they all have a personal relationship with someone working in the factories. Either they work there, or their friend does, or they personally know one of the owners of the factories, and get large discounts. There is a rumor that one of the sellers works for Epiphone, whilst another rumor says that the guitars are made in the Epiphone factory. One of the sellers told me a year ago that they use Epiphone parts in their guitars. For legal reasons, I should say these are all rumors, which I am sure are completely untrue. The sellers who live in either Weifang or Changle will generally inspect the guitar before it is sent, others won’t.

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      el rey


      I suppose I have a lot to learn yet 🙂

      Got a pic of the neck an hour ago so I guess it’s in progress…..could be any neck though.

      If the seller would ask for more money, is your advice to just cancel the order? Is the money I paid refunded automaticly by AliExpress in that case?

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