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      Hey Jen here,
      I am considering purchasing a guitar from Dylan Shops (via Aliexpress). Is it beneficial to order a case with the guitar? Does this provide the guitar with better protection? or are standalone shipments very securely packed?

      Also this guitar a PRless has a tun’o’matic style bridge and tailpiece. Do they generally stick to standard sizes in their drilling so they can be replaced easily?

      I know lots of questions but for many reasons like the rest of you, I’m intrigued by the woods and designs available while the hardware is not as important as long as it can be replaced.


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      All I can say is this; my vender charged me $30 for a case. It’s a passable case for a non working, or light working player. BUT, they charge $89 to ship a guitar, they charged me $159 to put the guitar in a case and ship it out. My vendor said they have no options regarding this. I couldn’t find a shipper to come in for less anyway. Guitar and case arrived in perfect condition.

      Watch some unboxing videos as well. Case-less guitar seem to arrive in good shape.


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      case, always a good idea IMHO,as far as bridges and routing, the best way to go about it for myself has been to wait for the guitar and measure , then order the upgrades,there are some great threads in the upgrads and parts section of this forum on general spec, welcome aboard, and as always, let us know how the order goes and the sellers your thinking of going with

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      Hi Jen…I’ve bought cases w all 3 of my guitars and all have arrived in great shape(knock on wood for future orders)keep in mind the cases are knockoffs too and appear to be just ok for the money ]

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      I wouldn’t buy a case from these guys. The padding is very bad where the neck rests and where the tuners lie. For a little more money, you could get a much better case, although it won’t say “Fibson” on it, if that is a problem…
      There have been some cases of tuners being broken in transit, and also necks, which I guess may be due to the guitar being placed inside the case.

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      I ended up canceling my custom PRLess. I originally ordered this cool Pink tiger stripe I saw on Good Luck’s Store. I was told that the item was an old picture and they don’t have that color anymore but could get it “very close”. I went ahead with it and the end result was not very close so I canceled the order. Still shopping for a beautiful looking PRLess

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      I wouldn’t bother with a case personally. All mine so far have had one, but if I order any more they won’t. Typical price for a case is $80, which equates to about £50. Gear4music are doing a special offer at the moment, a decent hard case for I believe £39. And they are better than the Chinese ones, which frankly are far to flimsy to hold together for more than a dozen or so gigs. I’ve seen too many unboxing videos where a guitar arrived perfectly safely without a case, to believe that the case plays any significant role in protecting it. The Styrofoam coffin is plenty good enough.
      OK so I’ll then end up with a case that doesn’t say Fender, Gibson, PRS etc. on it, but who’s worried about that? Some of the real ones don’t anyway.

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      hey Jen,
      check out Sara’s site. She has a pic of a real prs… Her price is high, but it looks like a solid top. Maybe she has some recent pix of her own version.

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      So Sara is a good seller? I was turned off from the experience I read in the private seller reviews by the GuitarSkeptic himself.

      How about xiaohong zhang? Nice purple one on that store.

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      I forgot to mention the PRS on her site is PINK!
      Sara has good feedback… I have one on order with pics and shipping coming today or tomorrow. I will know soon…
      Cathy was definitely more accommodating. Sara has totally avoided my questions about the PLEKing she offered. The big things for me will be: one piece body and neck, 2″ body thickness, and a solid maple top, all which I paid extra for.
      I always have the dispute option.

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      Should I be concerned about Chinese New Year and Sara’s QC?

      I just read a post in another forum and I placed my order on Jan. 25 and I hope it’s not going to be a “rush-job” that I will be poor quality when it arrives.

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