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      Hello everyone! First off, I am very glad to have found this forum; in a short time already it has been an absolute godsend in regards answering a number of questions I had about ordering made in China guitars, which I am as of yet to do. A little background on me; I’ve been playing guitar going on 16 years and working on/tinkering with them for just about as long. Fast forward to today and I build guitar amps, effects boxes, wind pickups and have worked on at some point every aspect of the guitar itself. So when I first discovered Chibsons (Chenders,ect) about a year ago I was very excited about them but eventually was dissuaded by internet ‘reviews’ of people saying everything from that they were shoddily put together, used bad hardware and were practically unplayable. I know now that alot of this negativity was based on hearsay, socio-economic prejudices and the common situation of someone’s bad experience receiving more attention than the one’s who’s experience was a positive one. One thing I gave some thought to back then was the possibility of a ordering kit and assembling it myself; considering my experience working on guitars I figured I’d be up for the challenge. More recently I talked with a few friends about this idea and through the grapevine, I now have close to 10 of my friends and friends of friends interested in having me build them a guitar; practically all of them being customized in some way or another. The primary benefit to this arrangement I figure is that when these guitars are sold/shipped as a bulk order, the overall cost per guitar will be greatly reduced and there won’t be so much risk of receiving broken merchandise since the guitars will be in parts anyways. Another consideration here is I’m looking to reduce to a minimum the risk of getting a shipment seized at customs; aside from that I would request from the manufacturer any name brands/made in USA insignia not be applied to anything. So with all that being said, I suppose I’m asking less of a question here and more looking for advice and feedback if my logic/presumptions are close to the truth. Although it would be cool if anyone has any good tips on who to and not buy from with these types of DIY kit guitars. Thank you for your time in reading this and would be greatly appreciative to hear back about anyone’s particular experience with MIC guitars.


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