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      I’ll get picks up soon. Here is a little synopsis of how the deal went down. First thank you thank you thank, this forum was a wealth of information that got my guitar to me quickly and easily.

      I ordered from Sarah Yin. She was prompt on all emails, getting me pictures of the guitar with a name tag with my name on it on each picture. I received the guitar in the picture.

      I asked for specific shots of the neck to make sure it was not cracked, she sent the within 8 hours of me emailing.

      I placed the order on 11/5/14 and received the guitar 11/14/14, that is unbelievable China to Denver, CO. Ten days amazing. That is with going though the Los Angeles port.

      The good:

      The color of the front of the guitar is beautiful. Kind of a split between the Derrig Slash original and the Gibson AFD color.

      The body is two piece not counting the cap. Sounds great even went not plugged in. Surprisingly the intonation is spot on. I asked for her to swap out the controls to the reflector knobs and it was done too.

      The bad:

      Someone needs to show the paint department how to mask off paint. No over spray just shoddy lines coming off the binding.
      The control covers are made of really cheap plastic, easily replaced.

      There was a problem when I plugged it in the bridge pickup sounded muffled, and seemed like it had a short. I thought “great we’ll be rewiring right away”. I opened the back and found a unshieled wired laying on a pot. After correcting that, the bridge sounded great.

      All in all I’d say a great guitar for what I paid, 345.50 US, that is with a AFD case.

      The guitar is straight and plays great. Now I just need to set the action and maybe jack around with the elctronics and we have a player!

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      Good going getting it so soon. Mine is stuck in customs at the moment. Cant wait for your pics. Why no do a wee video?

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      Sounds like a very quick turn around. Be very interested to see it and hear your reviews.


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