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      I ordered a 3D printer from Aliexpress last year and it was frozen, got a refund without issue within 30 days, I am assuming I will get the same treatment here. Ali explains it was “FROZEN due to suspicious behaviour”

      I’m bummed out but a little relieved since the tracking code wasn’t working anyway (I wonder why lol)

      Just to share – I’m on the hunt for a total of 6 guitars to review on my podcast. We are planning on taking detailed measurements, comparing to real and see where the Chinese models land in terms of copies. I need a
      – J200 without electronics
      – Some type of Martin – it will depend on what I can borrow to compare
      – Stratocaster with Maple Neck
      – Telecaster Solid body
      – Telecaster Hollow body
      – Flying V

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      Just got the update

      Your Order No:98298292729272 has been closed because the supplier did not provide necessary evidence. The payment will be refunded to you within 7-10 working days.

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