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      I never understood the undying loyalty the majority seem to have towards the big brands. Gibson wouldn’t look out for me, if someone copied MY design, why should I feel like I owe them an unreciprocated courtesy? I never understood that.

      Is there something morally wrong with purchasing a guitar you like the looks of? And if so, is it ONLY because of LETTERS arranged in a certain way to spell a word on the headstock? Why is that OUR responsibility to enforce??

      Why do we all work for free as trademark-protection-police?

      Do we get upset about other things in life that effort was put into to make appear what they’re not? Like fast-food photoshoots, using fake burgers, to make their advertisements look better than they are? Shouldn’t that be just as atrocious?

      A dame with heavy make-up and fake breasts, painted-on eyebrows, Spanx “shapewear”, unrealistic fingernail colors, ruby-red lips, tights to hide varicose veins and cellulite, High-heels to accentuate their calf muscles and stick their buttocks out, collagen lip-implants, etc. How upset does that make you when you get her in the bedroom and realize you’ve been duped? Technically, it should arouse the same emotions as fake guitars.

      imitation highest flattery
      Would it be just as wrong to re-shape an Epi headstock to look more like an open book? Don’t we have the right to do as we wish to things we own personally? I should think so. How is that any different that buying one that’s already how you want it? (the nationality of the laborer?)

      Gibson forced us to become accustomed to Les Pauls made in China with their Epiphone line. We’re already comfortable with Chinese Les Pauls, and when Gibson eventually moves (some) production to China, we’ll accept Chinese Les Pauls with Gibson branding . . . for 8x the price.

      The guitar I received from AliExpress is much better than the 4 Epiphones I purchased brand new (after changing out the pickups), and they built it to my specifications for half the price of a comparable Epiphone that allows no provisions for custom attributes. I say it’s YOUR money, spend it how you like. Don’t let OTHER PEOPLE’s weirdly justified “rules of the world” dictate YOUR life. I encourage you to THINK FOR YOURSELVES and ask yourself, “Do I OWE Gibson (or any other brand) anything?”

      What is “real” anyway? I mean when you really think about it? Can I touch it? Seems “real” to me. It even stays in tune and it’s comfortable to play. It says, “Gibson” right on the headstock, which exists in our dimension . . . it’s not a fictional guitar, is it?

      It’s a “real” Gibson to me, says so right on it. Who made “you” the judge and juror for what constitutes morals? (and why should I be subjected to “YOUR” ideals?)

      The plasticized bimbo example would be PERSONAL, especially if it evolves into romance. Why is that less of an issue than something as impersonal as a huge Guitar corporation? (because we’ve grown accustomed to this deceit in some areas in life, but not in others?) Again, is Gibson looking out for YOUR best interests, ever? Highly unlikely.

      How much hatred do replica automobiles receive? VW’s made to look like an old mercedes or a replica Ferrari or Ford Cobra? Don’t even get me started on Slash’s fake Les Paul that Gibson “copied”.

      Vanilla Ice copying Queen’s riff . . . Dr. Dre stealing Parliament’s riffs? Or just cover songs in general? Where’s the line, and why do “you” decide where MY line should be? (“you” as in a general pronoun – I’m not directly speaking to any of you here.)

      Why aren’t these Chinese guitars considered “homages” to the innovators? Isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery?

      Here’s a weird example: When buying a used guitar, do you really know if all the hardware is “genuine”, including all the wiring and hardware? If someone changed the pots and tuning machines out on a Gibson from the USA, wouldn’t it still be a GENUINE Gibson guitar (with “upgrades” or mods)?

      Why aren’t we just as upset about grocery-store-brands that imitate the more expensive “real” brands with more colorful labels? Are the generic foods not “real”? Why the hypocrisy? Why aren’t there posts all over the internet about people worrying about Tyson Chicken’s best interests? Because you all pick and choose what to get excited about, with no basis on LOGIC.

      Generic cigarettes, generic clothing and shoes, generic batteries, etc. Are these frugal people wrong for thinking for themselves and not becoming mindless slaves to marketing?

      Do you always buy the genuine prescriptions for your pills, because Phizer’s profits are your main concern? Why aren’t generic prescriptions illegal?

      If someone finds a better value somewhere, why should they worry about morals that are just as fake as anything else? Morals based on “laws” made to keep the rich people’s pockets fat. Morals and values are not “real” either. They’re sometimes religious, or just handed down through generations – and they’re IDEAS.

      I hope everyone that is belligerently against Chinese homages eats only name-brand foods, batteries, prescriptions, clothing, tools, etc. Do you own any Craftsman tools? Well, they’re all fake/copies! Being ONLY against guitars in this realm makes you a HYPOCRITE. Think about it.

      If you’ve EVER bought a generic version of ANYTHING, you’re just as “guilty” as I am for buying a guitar that I like the shape of (without paying for Gibson’s CEO’s vacations, yachts, mansions, etc.).

      Cubic zirconia is “fake”. Air conditioning and heating, indoor plumbing, and lighting, provides us with a “fake” environment. How DARE we exist in a habitat that isn’t GENUINE?! How DARE we go against Mother Nature? Hasn’t Mother Nature provided more for us than Gibson ever could?

      Someone please tell me where the LINE is. Generic grocery food is okay? Just not guitars? What makes guitars special?

      How many life-hours do we give up for Brand/Label loyalty? Why do we do it, to impress those around us? In my experience, these “impostor guitars” are on par (or BETTER) than the Epiphones being built in China today (except for their pickups), at half the price (and with more OPTIONS), and they have a better looking headstock shape.

      Does anyone really care whether you bought the generic prescriptions? It’s YOUR life, why should other people’s opinions drive our bank accounts into depletion? Are you living your life for them, or for yourself?

      If we remove the “morality” issues from the equation, what are we left with? Morals are just as FAKE as everything else – they’re just made-up, intangible IDEAS.

      Imagine if consumers focused on Price and Quality exclusively, without make-believe stipulations. Just because some lawyer or politician signed some piece of paper with words on it to keep the rich people rich, doesn’t make it morally correct. The government has never looked out for OUR best interests, otherwise cigarettes would be illegal and marijuana wouldn’t. In that example, they’re looking out for the Pharmaceutical companies who finance their campaigns. Legalizing marijuana would put a huge damper on their pharmaceutical sales, especially with anti-depressants, and other seratonin reuptake inhibitors They’re focused on saving millions in Social Security pay-outs by killing off the majority of their slaves with lung cancer caused by the cigarettes they promote. Laws are not the same things as Morals (war?), and if you let the governments outline your personal beliefs, you have major flaws in your world-view.

      Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll have a bland palette if you eschew certain flavors based on OTHER people’s opinions. Think for yourself and ask yourself, “Do I OWE these huge companies anything, really?”

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      Mike BMike B

      Well put Sir!

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      Well said. Sounds like what happened some years back with the Chinese made copy of the US M-14 rifle. There was one made here in the US called the “Springfield Arms M-1A” (They did’nt call it “M-14” so as to keep it seperate from the genuine military rifle) and it eventually became “the” premiere rifle at the gun ranges, that eventually ended up costing over $2,000 in 1990 dollars. The Chinese introduce THIER copy, at about $500. Oh, the howls! The biggest lie to be spun about them was that the metal was soft, and they would blow up! Only picture I seen of a catastrophic failure was a US-made one blowing apart. The Chinese copy was just as good, and after US made parts ran out, and had to be reproduced in Brazil…..And the price continued upward.

      Sigh…….I still want an ES335, but not at the prices I seen in my latest copy of American Musical Supply catalog. 🙁

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