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      I’ve been viewing CGS’ videos on youtube for some time, as well as other similar videos but I am new to the forum. I came here because I am devoted to buying a Chinese guitar, most likely a PRS type.

      I love my PRS and my Ibanez Artist Model that I have had since 1985. What I am interested in is a PRS (Gibsons have never interested me and I’ve never owned one, but I’m not categorically against a Chibson) but one that I could truly make my own, both with logo (no fake/counterfeit logos for me!) on the headstock and I am especially interested in a maple fretboard. I haven’t seen anybody order a Gibson or PRS with a maple fretboard. Would that be a reasonable request? I don’t want to ask for anything that would result in a poor build, and I just haven’t seen anybody ask for something like that. I’ll be honest and I don’t believe tonewoods have ANY effect on an amplified guitar signal, given potted electromagnetic pickups. I’m not interested in a debate, I just am not as concerned with wood in the body (except for aesthetic purposes), but I LOVE the way a maple fretboard feels and plays. And a neck that invites me to play… well, I play better and sound better. It’s a confidence/inspiration/feedback thing. I’m well aware that PRS himself is VERY into the wood he uses, as well as its dryness etc. Regardless of when I agree or disagree with him, he’s obviously a brilliant craftsman and a luthier I have immense respect for.

      So, in brief, would asking for a maple fretboard on a PRS that traditionally does not have one be a reasonable request, do you think the sellers would use good craftsmanship in doing so, would the price remain reasonable, and most of all – has anybody ordered a Chibson or PRS with a maple fretboard and how did it turn out?

      Thank you!

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      asking for maple instead of rosewood or ebony would be no problem for most sellers

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      Thanks!!! That gives me some confidence. Well, I’m off to see X with The Blasters opening. Billy Zoom’s sparkly guitars are ironic. Maybe I will get inspired tonight to think about some other guitar features!!

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