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      Hi, i’m from belgium and came across a topic that mentionned the strict aspect of the belgian customs. And I’m quite worried as before I aknowledged that, I went and purchased a copy of “manson ma-1 classic” with the logo on at rare electric guitar. For now they do take ages getting it finished so I have some days left before the time comes for them to ship it. How risky is it to ship it here in belgium (brabant wallon) getting it destroyed would be really bad as I paid the euro equivalent to 550$ and the command has started a little more than one month ago.
      I have friends in france. would that be much better? What are the risks for me if it get caught?
      I was planning to get a les paul with a cherry burst but as I aknowledge customs are such huge killjoy I might get my onw logo and headstock shape done.
      your thoughs? :/

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      I know for certain that France is one place where it is illegal to buy and own fake products so that is not a safe alternative. I also found this on Belgian law:

      I would suggest getting REG to remove all trademark infringements and then hope you will be considered as buying a generic replica. Personally I think it’s a real concern you may get into trouble.

      While I never encourage the purchase of fakes and do all I can to discourage people I still hope you don’t get in trouble and wish you luck buddy.


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      im in the same boat as you Roi_Pigeon. im also from Belgium(flemish) and am interested in buying one of thos chibson on aliexpress.

      now im not gonna pretend its a real one nor am i gonna sell it. EVER!. i have enough experience too tell the diff. between a real and fake one. i really want to know how it is. build quality,… i like to do work on guitars. and with that gibson logo its great for decoration purposes.

      now ive been in contact with some sellers and one of em tells me that Belgium,Germany and Czech have issues in EU while Netherlands,france,uk,spain,… all have no issues(doesnt mean they all go through) does this go with ALL sellers on ali or maybe just him? i wonder why that is since were all EU and have pretty much the same rules on counterfits. :s

      im waiting for a seller to contact me back with an answer.

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      I ordered a replica in July 2015. The seller said she didn’t want to ship to Belgium due to the high risk of Belgian customs confiscating the guitar. She was willing to ship to France however. The guitar got to France (Paris) quite fast. Then it remained at customs for a week. Finally I got a message that it had arrived and had to pay the import taxes. When I received the guitar I could see that the box had not been opened by French customs, which leads me to believe that I was ‘lucky’. If customs had opened the box and seen the replica logo’s, the guitar would either have been confiscated, or they would have charged me the correct ammount of import taxes based on the ‘original’ selling price. (this means that they could have charged me over 600€ in taxes if customs would tax it to the ‘real’ value based on the brand of guitar). In the end I had to pay 50€ tax on a 300€ guitar. If French customs would have opened the box and decided it’s a replica, I could have received a fine op to 1500€.
      The reason for ordering it was purely as a test/risk to see if I would get it in the first place, and also to check the quality of the wood and electronics.
      I must say that the quality of the wood & finish of it was good, not perfect, but pretty good. All of the electronics are crap, as I expected. I started changing all of it. I paid 330€ for an original floyd rose, 150€ for 2 EMG pickups. I am also rewiring everything. The frets didn’t need any work (surprisingly). I have kept the fake grover tuners for now. I might replace them in the future but for the moment the double locking (original) floyd rose works. I will never sell this guitar as I already paid more for it with all the upgrades than I would pay if I bought one of the same brand’s import guitars. The last test will be to see if the wood will last or if it will fall apart, but this I will only know in coming months/years.

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      I currently have a guitar ‘handed over to customs’ in Belgium. Headstock logo and inlay are custom, so I’m not too worried about it getting destroyed. I even asked the seller explicitly that the guitar should not have the word ‘Fender’ anywhere on the guitar.

      I do worry about taxes and customs costs. I was reading some stories on a bike forum. A couple of people there exoerienced very high costs. One example was a carbon wheel purchased for 200 usd, for which an additional 245 eur had to be paid… I will report back in a couple of days, but I hope my 280 eur guitar will not end up costing 500 before I have anything done on it.

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      I have received a letter from customs requesting an invoice and a detailed description of the package. I have provided all necessary info by email and made a phone call to customs to see what costs I could expect. I will have to pay around 100 euro in costs and the guitar will probably be delivered end of next week.

      Breakdown of the costs:

      Guitar and shipping + 3% import tax
      30 euro postal charge for creating a customs file
      + 21% BTW (=VAT) on the sum of the above.

      I’ll repirt back here later.

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      modern mafia

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      Yep, pretty much. Was just told over the phone it’s going to be 137.36eur

      14.68 eur import tax (on 289usd, shipping included)
      30 eur postal charges
      92.18 eur BTW (VAT)

      So now I am at a total of 426.36 eur (Not counting the 135 eur Iron Gear Pickups that are lying around in my house, waiting to be installed).

      Better hope it’s a nice guitar 🙂

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      i hear harley benton guitars are popular these days…

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      about 1.5 year ago i ordered a chipson at aliexpress, and it got taken by Belgian customs. Due to a gibson copy.
      They charged me 150euro to shred it, and i had to tell them the details of the seller.
      I gave them the information and pictures, and lucky for me, the seller had no pictures of the head stock. So i told customs i didn’t know that this was a copy, and they dropped the 150euro charge. But of course i never received the guitar.

      The seller was so honest to give my money back.
      I would not try it again with a fake logo on the head stock.

      I ordered a diy kit from ali, and had it deliverd in Italy without problems. Only had to pay the import…

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