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      I’m thinking of getting a Chibson LP with their fake Floyd Rose trem. I know it will be horrible. So I will replace it immediately.
      I know the standard tailpiece posts use a different measurement than USA Gibsons, so I assume maybe the trem will also be a non-standard metric measurement. Does anyone know what replacement Floyd Rose or Gotoh trem model will fit to replace a Chibson with a fake Floyd? ALso what locking nut size (width)?… Can anyone recommend a dealer who doesn’t do sloppy trem routing work??? Thank you!

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      If in the US I would shoot for the StewMac golden age locking trem, its a drop in fit, just pull out the crappy posts and bushings, it’s a bit cheaper than the FR but it does hold up pretty well, and I put mines thru hell and back if not, the genuine trems should pop in but for all imports I’ve been using golden age trems,

      If anything schaller trems pop in to being metric

Viewing 1 reply thread
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