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      Hello people !

      New to the forum.

      First my view on Chinese replicas:

      It is wrong to put Gibson or other logos on guitars even when they are not sold as real Gibsons.
      BUT ! I’m always asking myself who is more criminal, the Chinese for copying or Gibson for ripping you off with their too expensive guitars (and they announced a 29% increase!).
      I own a real Gibson and would never buy one again, they are good guitars but way overpriced.

      Now my point, why take the risk to buy from China? Cheap guitars are also sold in Europe by Thomann for example. They are one of Europe’s biggest music-stores and have excellent customer service. When something is faulty you get a new one or full refund (you can choose). And even if you are not happy with it you can send it back up to 30 days after purchase.
      I’m sure these guitars are also made in China but via Thomnann there
      are no risks at all… and they are cheaper…


      PS: I bought many things from Thomann and have experience with their customer service, never had issues at all !!

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      you can’t customize the guitar to your preferred specs/looks

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      Ok that’s true but the ali express guitars are also just what u see is what u get.
      And then we are only talking about the finish right? because you change the pickups, nut, tuners, etc most of the time…

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      The cheap thomann guitars use different wood, dont have setneck. I personally like the headstock of Gibson, really dislike the Epiphone one.

      I do not care about logo’s. Actually i wanted the martin without one but it would take 2 months.

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        “Mahogany Body, Set-In Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard”
        HB guitars do not use different woods or building methods…
        I also dont like the Epiphone headstock btw.

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      The electronics and pickups on the harley bentons are also far from being usable…And you can actually customize more than the finish…

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        The electronics are probably crap, totally agree but when u want them changed in a china one u pay extra, same as changing the pickups in the Harley Benton ones…
        Not criticizing , just giving my 2 cents 🙂

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        Btw I just saw that they have wilkinson pickups… not the worst their is imo…

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        Sure you can, but then why not get a fully customized guitar from China for nearly the same price, with your own logo/headstock design. The quality is on-par (or even better?) with the HB stuff.

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      you can do things like:


      there was also a guy who combined 2 different bodyshapes, but I can’t find it anymore.
      (you can also do custom inlays)

      but you’re right, if you want a standard gibson shape body and standard inlays, you can go for the thomann/harley benton guitars or maybe cheap the guitars from .

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      Necks have scarf joint and heel joint so 3 pieces there. But really I went Chibson for the bang for buck customisation options AND the G logo.

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        having the G logo is indeed pretty cool

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      Michael Wamback

      Why buy in China? There are a few legit reasons.

      Without getting into the morality of having Gibson on the headstock, let’s assume you do order a copyright infringing guitar. Here’s why you might want to do that.

      1. The particular guitar you want is no longer in production.

      Many guitars go out of production for long periods of time. They might not be available at any price, so a replica might be the next best thing.

      2. Cost

      Say you are a stuggling musician that gets a gig in a Zeppelin tribute band. A honey burst LP and a red EDS will set you back the better part of $10,000. Good chance you don’t have that money – but you can’t pull off the Zep imitation with a cheap Epiphone. For about 1/10th the cost of the original, plus a bit of time and energy – you can recreate those guitars with a Chibson.

      3. Peace of Mind

      A lot of guys who gig guitars don’t want to take a valuable 59 LP on the road with them. They save the good gear for recording, and will use knockoffs on the road. If some idiot knocks it over and snaps off the headstock, you would much rather it be a Chibson than the real thing. And from 50 feet away, through a haze of pot smoke, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

      My reasons for getting the Chibson EDS was 1 and 2. Didn’t have the money for the real Gibson, since they start used at about $4,000 and the guitar was no longer in production (either the Gibson or Epi version – although Epi just recently brought their double neck back into limited production.)

      And from a strictly legal point of view – you aren’t breaking any laws in most countries. The Chinese are.

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      The main reason that I buy in China is because I like the product and can’t really afford real Gibsons plus I have to say I’m not a big fan of the USA Gibson brand. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun tinkering with these things I’ve learned so much over the past year or so that I’ve been ordering these guitars that I have in my whole life time,that and most times nowadays it’s a hell of a lot of guitar for the money

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      Michael nailed my thoughts precisely. What I’ll also say is that I’m attached to a certain look for a guitar. The open book headstock on a Gibson just looks right, same with the cutaway shape vs. an Agile or even ESP. My guitars that hang on my wall are my Chibson, a home built Gibson Copy, a couple Partscasters and some Michael Kelly guitars. All are relatively inexpensive guitars that I’m not worried about heat/humidity cycles killing them. I’m also not worried about my 2 and 4 year old kids around them as well!

      I tell everyone that they’re fakes! But the logos look right. Idk, I’m a big dumb animal folks.

      I still own a pile of real Gibsons and Fenders. They’re pretty awesome. But I tend to play my lesser guitars a whole lot more often. I’m less worried about accidents causing hundreds of dollars in loss of value.

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