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After many years of playing, modifying and building project guitars I found the incredible resource that is China, where your imagination seems to be the only limitation on what you can have built. 

With an eye for quality and the ability to modify and set up beautifully finished but reasonably priced instruments Milton Guitars is a project design collective. That’s to say we will order guitars initially made by collective voting by the site and social media members.

Longer term we may provide a point of sale service if there is a demand for the project guitars we produce.

We hope you will get involved…

Thanks for your support!

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Following an initially sceptical and careful approach to having guitars built in the Far East, initially in China, we had the idea that with quality controls in placewp6aa11cde_06 and a great relationship built with suppliers, it would be possible to have an entirely custom new concept guitar built relatively cheaply.

Initially we intend to run simply as a community project where you can become involved in the design and prototype generation process from the ground up.

It is a collaborative community project which relies on your input and involvement and in some cases some sustained dedication to helping with the process. We hope that you will rise to the challenge and join us on this exciting new venture.

Who knows where it might lead? …


So here is the neck template for your body and headstock shape designs. Simply right click to download it and either import it to your software if you have design software such as illustrator or else print it off and draw your design the old fashioned way – with a pencil!
The neck template it to scale and is a standard 25″ scale with 24 frets. This does not mean that the final design has to be, we will vote on that later. For now all we are looking to establish is a new body and headstock design that looks great and balances well.
If you are keen to have an existing shape such as a Strat, Les Paul, PRS, Tele etc. then please feel free to draw these up too on the template.
ONLY designs returned on the template will be entered for your vote. It is also likely that we will split the vote on headstock and body shapes.
Please feel free to submit as many designs as you like. For those drawing by hand, please scan and return in electronic format [.ai .pdf .jpg .bmp .tif .svg .dwg .emf are all acceptable]
For those with software packages please ensure that you save your designs in one of the above formats. Preferred formats are: .ai Illustrator, .svg scaleable vector graphic or .pdf format files.

Please send you completed submissions to