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      I am curious about why there are substantially more entries here regarding purchases of Chinese Gibsons versus Chinese Fenders. The former so radically outnumber the latter here versus The world of ‘real’ guitars where both are quite popular. And as a disclaimer I don’t own either brand of guitar and I’ve never liked Gibsons at all although I am certainly subject to change my opinion and as for Fenders I M pretty warm on the telecaster and jaguars but definitely not the stratocaster. I am considering all sorts of potential reasons for this massive disparity: is it because Gibsons are so much more overpriced then fenders that more people are willing to go Chinese or is it that the Chinese have a better reputation of making Gibsons versus Fenders or is it the type of person that would naturally be attracted to a Gibson and specifically Les Paul will be the sort of person (less risk averse, more entrepreneurial) that is more naturally attracted to go to a Chinese vendor and with the attendant risks etc

      Is the company Fender more aggressive about cracking down on Chinese clones making them more difficult to negotiate et cetera?

      I certainly see fair amount of both kinds of guitars at Ali express although it may be that there are more Les Pauls and that this is a response to demand versus that they are leading and preceding market demand by offering more but I honestly just don’t know why the situation is that it is.

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      It could be that to get a Chender to play and sound really good it would be more cost effective to get a Mexican Fender. Although you could almost say the same for Chibson v Epiphone. It still wont carry the clout of THAT name.

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      Thanks. Personally I don’t get why somebody would want a guitar that is not a Gibson to say ‘Gibson’ on the headstock. I’m not moralistic about it, it just totally would turn me off. Hey, maybe my ego plays a part because I find the idea of my name and logo to be very appealing!

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      Im thinking that since Fender also produces their Squire Line of guitars that are as cheap or even Cheaper than the Chinese Fakes it would be easier to just get a Squire and fix it up.
      Dont get me wrong I own several Fender guitars just not a Strat. But, I own so many more Gibsons because of what they have to offer and the history behind them. Plus, if you check out several models of the Epiphone line you can find in the $500 to $900 dollar price range that
      are excellent guitars. Fact is that I own a Epi ES 339 Ultra and it’s just a fantastic guitar. Originally I was going to purchase the Epi
      ES 339 STANDARD but they ran out so fast and stopped making them. Course
      that’s sort of confusing that Epiphone would sell that one model so fast and then stop making it. So, I got a Chinese Fake ES 339 and even with the Gibson POTs, PUPs and full upgrade Ive played Epi 339 Standards that are just as good. Have a good one.

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