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      Chibson bridge and tuner upgrade!!
      posted Aug 16, 2014 by BryanRuybal
      Hi guys! I’m really loving the CGS forums, everyone here is very helpful! Ok I ordered my first Chibson AFD from Sara Lee, so hopefully all goes well! Anyways I have a few questions that I haven’t been able to find exact answers for! first off, I already know I’m going to upgrade my Chibson bridge to make it not only look more authentic (with the smaller posts and holes on the bridge) but hopefully sound better too. I was doing doe research and these seem like the perfect solution for Chibson what do you think?—-E-sert-NG–Bridge-Stud-Adapter–Nickel-plated–gloss–one.html Just pull the old bushing and replace with the E-Sert that has the 4mm post, then I would buy a bridge from the same company to ensure the spacing is proper. These are all made by Faber so I assume the quality is good! Also for the tuners. What are the hole sizes, screw sizes, and screw spacing sizes on a chibson? I plan on putting Kluson Tone Pro style tuners in my Chibson similar to a real Slash Appetite, but would it be a straight replacement, or what EXACTLY would I have to do to get these type of tuners in? What is different? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere! Please help!

      E-Sert link:—-E-sert-NG–Bridge-Stud-Adapter–Nickel-plated–gloss–one.html

      Bridge Link:–Nickel-plated–nickel-plated-saddles–gloss-finish.html

      sjcrowe6 said Aug 17, 2014
      Always best to purchase parts for your Chibson AFTER received and measurements carefully taken. You never know what will fit because they do not always use the same hardware.
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      MichaelWamback said Aug 17, 2014
      I agree with SJ – best to have the guitar in hand before you order anything.

      The E-Serts are probably going to work though. I’ve thought about using those. Be aware that they are 4mm posts, which are good for a Gibson ABR-1 style bridge. The Nashville style bridges tend to use a slightly larger post.

      Just make sure the post and bridge match up.

      You can also get adapter posts that are 8mm on the bottom and 4mm on the top. 8mm is what Epiphone uses, and some Chibsons (such as my REG EDS) have those bushings. It would save you a bit, as they are less expensive overall. Some Chibsons do come with 6mm bushings though, so you really need to see what you get.

      If you do go with these (the bridge and posts will obviously match) the worst problem you are likely to encounter is a difference in size between the width of the E-sert and the hole in the guitar. You may have to enlarge the hole slightly, or you may have to shim the posts if the holes are slightly too large. You can measure the holes with a caliper before ordering.
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      MustangJessie said Aug 18, 2014
      I’ve used the Faber bridges & tailpieces on Gibsons and a couple of Chibsons too, I like them a lot.
      One thing to note though is that both of the Chibsons had 6mm threads on the bridge inserts so I needed to get a 6mm bolt to remove them. Also on one the tailpiece inserts were drilled a little poorly so the inserts were not as tight as I would wish so I fitted 5/16 ones and they are rock solid.
      BryanRuybal said Aug 21, 2014
      Thanks guys! I appreciate the help! I wasn’t planning on ordering anything before the guitar arrived, I am just looking to find the hardware that I feel will be best on the guitar. And for the tuners? Does anyone know how I could manage to get Kluson tuners in a Chibson? Will I need adapter bushings? New screw holes? Different brand for easier installation? I know all Chibson guitars are different, but insight into any of your personal experiences will help immensely.
      MichaelWamback said Aug 22, 2014
      The key is the hole size in the headstock. Ideally, you should have ordered the Chibson with the fake Kluson “vintage” tuners. There may be some type of conversion bushings available, but you will have to shop around. In these cases, Google becomes your best friend.
      The two most important things to remember in life: “The only time it’s acceptable to work with amateurs is if you are making porn.” “If you want to work with clowns, join a circus.”
      BryanRuybal said Sep 02, 2014
      And as far as a bridge, if I should decide to leave the metric bushings in, which is the best brand for a good quality bridge to get the best sound?
      MichaelWamback said Sep 03, 2014
      There are a lot of good bridges out there – but I’m a fan of Tonepros (Gotoh) bridges. They come in both US and large metric bushing sizes and you can get them pre notched. Very solid bridges that are not too over priced.

      The only difference is that Tonepros is a Gotoh bridge with 2 little set screws added that lock the bridge to the post. And for that, you spend a couple of bucks more.
      The two most important things to remember in life: “The only time it’s acceptable to work with amateurs is if you are making porn.” “If you want to work with clowns, join a circus.”

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