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      I’m looking to have a ’61 355 faKe produced by one of the many sellers. To be honest, the majority don’t seem to listen to the details of my asks (ie. varitone, long picKguard, VOS cherry paint, Knob pointers, binding to fret) and just send me photos of factory models that look nothing like a ’61 355. Anyone care to share any feedback on sellers you’ve dealt with and the quality of the end product for your semi-hollow? Looking for someone who pays attention to detail and Knows a bit or two about the 335/345/355 lines and the variations. Or should I generally stay away from the semi-hollows and sticK with the lps?

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      did you check the guys on the a-list? i think most would be able to meet most of your requirements, as long as you give them photos detailing what you want. colour, knobs, binding, should be no problem. finding a seller to meet all your requirements might be tougher.

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