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      Yall have the right to put up anything that you want concerning Gibson and their Products as well as their Bully Behaviors. The Jest of You Tube is that everything on these videos is the person who created it as their Opinions.

      As Far as Showing Videos on How to Create a Fake, or where to buy one, Heck anyone with 2 Cents in their Heads knows by now where they are purchased. AND STILL BEING PURCHASED! It seems to me that IF Gibson really wanted to go after someone they would go after the Chinese that make these fakes. Shut them down at their Source. Heck a few years ago I was contacted by a Seller, Wont mention names etc, her business card was that of the same company that produces Gibson Pianos for the entire country of China. She was selling fakes out the other back door as the same company was selling their pianos out the other door! Not SURE if thats still true. But, what she told me made perfect sense to me. That Gibson was well aware of the Better Fakes being sold but that they were still easy to spot. Remember the old 3 Screw Truss Covers? Also the Scarf Jointed necks and the lack of Binding over the fret ends?

      Those old “Tells”, that everyone could see were changed based on complaints and requests. AND, many of the Fakers continue to improve upon their Fakes even today. I supposedly purchased a Fake that was near close to being perfect at the time…AND Later I actually purchased TWO that were as close to being just like a real model as they get. This included the PUPs, and Better Tuners but still were not copies of the electronic boards inside the new models to attach the POTs, CAPs and PUPs to. Course, someone got on Ebay and began selling those boards already made to just slip into the new fakes.

      The ONLY Reason that You Tube is willing to go along with these complaints from Gibson Must do with their Add dollars they spend on You Tube each year. I mean why support your video producers when all you really care about is the Add dollars they generate?
      And thats the Main Subject. When will some smart guys get together and create a competitor to You Tube that wont fold in a week? One such company contacted me last week but never heard from them again. Promised to pay me more for my videos that You Tube as well as pay me each month no matter of my Videos producted $100 dollars on not. Even if they made me $10 bucks that month. SOmething that You Tube refuses to do.They also loose your account records on a continued basis so that they dont have to pay you and there is no live help to get that mess fixed. SOOO, they just keep using your videos and no longer pay you. Sad but True.

      Well that’s my Rant for this Subject. Sure hope that my China Buddy gets past this and begins his videos once again…Good Luck.

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      I think we can all agree with DaveInTexas (by the way I miss the lone star state Florida just doesn’t equate)

      But…. Doesn’t the fair use act allow him to criticize and inform without violating copyright laws? I’m no lawyer here but I know CGS is based across the pond but being an American company YouTube does still have to comply, all of the videos he clearly states he doesn’t condone infigiment or purchasing the counterfeits, instead he offers us a review on what the Chinese are pushing which falls under criticism, his Milton line doesn’t counterfeit Gibson in anyway, and even pushes us to buy either the miltons or make our own logos to AVOID copyright issues and avoid the moralities of infigiment logically I don’t see any legal violation in doing that, even if he’s not in the states, he is entitled to some degree of free speech under YouTube terms and conditions, ultimately I believe he is a victim of censorship, because Gibson refuses to actually innovate and depend on quality instead of the name, it’s sad that Gibson might be reaching the end of its long life, but that blame falls all under the corperate end of the company, a lot of former Gibson luthiers left and started their own names because of the company faults, but maybe some of my points may be wrong, so if a member is a lawyer they can actually clarify or add more legal insight, I hope CGS guy can over come this because he has been very up front and honest about his material,

      Best wishes and good luck

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