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      3 weeks ago i ordered via ali express a goldtop, slash sinature,
      last week austrian customs infomred me, that i am not allowed, its EU law, to buy a copied gibson because of the copyrigth for logo on the headstock, they kept guitar and case,
      if i would rejct this i would get a trial of buying a piracy product.
      if i dont refuse …they keep and shredd!!!1

      what the hell is this?
      do you have similar laws in gb, how dd you get your guitars through the customs if it is an eu law, can anyone help?
      greets doug

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      can anyone help?

      You could buy an Epiphone. Or a real Gibson….

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      well thats why we are all here,
      a real gibson is for me to expensive,
      and of course overpaid, you can buy a customshop gibso, they really good, but not worth that price around 4000 euros?
      so why do buy a chinese copy pimp it with PAF PUs oder Suhr PUs , and real Gibson Potis and mechanics,
      they use rosewood for the fingerboard…
      it worth a try!
      but only if can leave out this eu piracy shit,

      and i think epiphones are nice axes but i still hav e 2, pimped also …..

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        well, this is the forum for sceptics of guitars made in china. not for fans of chinese guitars….

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        For Heisenberg, GB has a lot of exceptions to EU legislation. You should always check what the legislation says about pirate copies of products in your country. In my country it is illegal to buy and sell counterfeit products and they will be confiscated by the customs.

        You can request with most china sellers to not make the logos and it should be fine with the customs.

        In general is it worth to buy a copy ?. Yes and No. It depends what you really want and what is your skill level. If you can make all the adjustments needed (fretwork, replacing most of the hardware etc…) it might be reasonable. Still it would be costly and the final price for a knock off 300 € guitar can easily rise to 500 -700 €.

        You can get a new Genuine Gibson Les Paul 50’s tribute for less than 1000 €. The Gibson will have some aftermarket value where the knock off is almost worthless.

        I agree with you that a custom shop 4000 € Gibson is not worth it, it is still a mass produced guitar. With that amount of money you can get a luthier made custom guitar specifically made according to your requirements.

        BR: xCubex

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      That is a bummer dude! I do not know about it being EU law, but it is not illegal here in Scotland or Britain for that matter to buy one, it is illegal to sell it on. That applies to most ‘copies’ of whatever. Sorry again about the Customs.

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      Am I missing something here? Pretty sure EVERY countries customs will grab a copy if it has Gi8s0N on the headstock and wasn’t in fact made by Gi8s0n? Part of the fun of ordering from Ali is knowing there’s a better than average chance your knockoff probably won’t make it to your door!

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      What’s this got to do with requesting a new forum?

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      sorry for requesting a new forum…

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