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      Hello guys I’m interested with these chinese lespauls. And it seems that “Sara Lee” is the seller to buy from. Now before I pull the trigger, I have some questions

      -Hows the shape? I have a a japanese les paul copy (a tokai) and I can’t stand weird shapes a.k.a weird horn shape, not assymetrical, etc.

      -How do I buy these guitars? Is credit card safe? What kind of troubles will I get in?

      -What do I say to sellers? I know I should ask for no scarf joint to be as close to “authentic” as possible 🙂

      -How’s the finish? I believe they use poly and Is it clean poly or messy? as in not good looking.

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      Credit card is safe enough, because Aliexpress use ESCOW as the third party web money manager which is similar as Payple,
      no scarf joint is expensive and suggest to choose a type of trans painting then you can check the joint clearly
      yes, all china supplier use Poly coating,

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      I’ll say the shape is bad. Mine, as well as all the pictures I see online have a bad horn shape, for starters. Mine won’t fit in my LP cases without squishing them in there and permanently deforming the foam, so they won’t fit real LPs anymore, so I haven’t cased mine yet.

      Scarf joint will be stronger, keeping the grains going the way for most strength. I opted for the scarf joint, personally, like Epiphone.

      One thing though, mine does have the steeper headstock pitch of the Gibsons, not the shallower style like Epi’s, which I like.

      My finish was bad because there’s dirt under the clear and some parts are missing color. Other parts the wood is missing finish, or it’s micro thin is some areas like the tip of my headstock. Not the greatest, but very durable and shiny and it does feel good. For the price I paid, I’m happy as it’s my “beater” guitar.

      I like mine, but I won’t buy any others. I’m glad I got one though. I do have four authentic Gibsons and one faker for comparison just to kick around. I think it was money well spent and I’ll never sell it.

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      I forgot to add that although the “GROVER” tuning machines LOOK real, they have TONS of play in them and don’t feel good at all. Mine have worked so far, but I’ve heard about them just breaking, maybe the gears are plastic inside or something, but I just go easy on them – I’ll replace them one day, most likely.

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