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      New to the forum. Watched a lot videos on ordering and I hopefully have got this done right.

      Ordered a Slash AFD Les Paul from Sarah Yin on aliexpress. She was very quick with pictures and responses.

      On thing that impressed me was she sent pictures of the guitar with a paper with my name next to the guitar. I asked for specific pictures and the came with in hours. I hope I chose a good seller.

      Looking forward to modding and playing this guitar.

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      I was going back and forth on a slash or a standard cherryburst LP, I just ordered my first chibson this afternoon, can’t wait.

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      Who did you order the AFD Slash model from? I have my eye on one of those too. What color is the back of yours? I’ve seen some that are red, some that are brown and some that are black. Zebra pickups in yours?


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      I would say it is a brown. Can’t wait it left Shanghai Friday

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      I ordered from Sarah Yin. She had a couple if student choices. One had a duller wood gain, I went with the Derrig looking one.

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      how did you make ut on your guitar ?

      was it good ?

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      Finally got it. It is better than I expected so far. Playable out of box. miht be a slight buzz on G string around 3 rd fret. Neck is dead straight, expect it will move a hair. Dylan shops David was very good. I think will be very nice guitar. I won an electric city PAF style bridge pickup (supposed to be one of better PAFs), Have figure out decent neck Pickup. Will need fret polish minor intonation, but much nicer than I expected !! Action was pretty low. Think a new nut would be good like graphtec type. Color is awesome, as well. Will try to post some pics.


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      UPDATE: I just got a slash afd les paul from dylan shops and its much better than I expected. Neck has moved a lil bit since it arrived but its dead straight set almost no back bow
      frets are almost level but i think it needs a bit of time to settle. I put an Electric City PAF in bridge (one of top rated pickups) ,which I got used on ebay. It sounds so good now. I used a mullard .047 mustard cap for tone and love that too ! changed other cap to 50’s .05 vintage. The neck pick up suxxxxxxxxx I am bidding on bunch of used ones I am sure will get another. I am wondering if its possible to use the chinese coils to build a half decent pickup.They need to learn to make pickups FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I cant say enough about electric city PAF’s think they were in top three in survey on les paul forum. It a whole new instrument with it in bridge. Easy to cop wild zz style harmonics.
      for boutique PAF’s price aint bad. This is going to be a great axe.

      david (dawei) does the custom orders he is very good. You need to be patient tho. My biggest compaint is the mahoganey is very red and binding pure white which I think looks very crappy.

      I know I will need to let neck stabilize then light dress and polish and it needs rewiring with shielding as it has no shield at all. I only had set of .008’s ernie balls if i go to .009’s it should have tiny bit of back bow.

      I was reading up on wiring Any opinions on vintage versus modern style les paul wiring ???

      I may add push pull pots possibly jimmy page style. I won a couple 500k s on ebay.

      I also notice older les pauls used linear taper volume pots and audio taper tone, I hadnt

      noticed that before.

      billyoung606060 at gmail dot com

      ps heres a custom mini marshall jtm45 5 watt tube amplifier I am building to go with the guitar:

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      I just ordered one from Sara Lee on Alliexpress… hope it goes well. No communication from the seller yet however its only been 2 days.

      ………….. let me know what to expect!

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      So Ive had the guitar for a few months, she’s ok but not great.

      I would say my epiphones are better. but that being said it is still nice. Just like the other Chibsons she is going to need some love. The frets are very sharp on the edges and have to get the action dialed in has been difficult.

      The good is all went well in shipping and receiving the guitar. Sorry I did not give an update.

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