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      It’s a question that’s been around my head for a while, and whether you agree or disagree I wouldn’t mind a discussion about it hehe. I’m just saying, why not throw in your own logo on the headstock (or even chibson as the logo) on your orders? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough to not be a “chibson” in the strict branding sense of the word. With the kind of stigma these guitars have, isn’t having a different logo on the headstock a small price to pay- or even no price at all depending on the seller? I think it would definitely help with the custom issue for sure and it at least for me– allays some of the morality of owning a les paul copy.

      Just my 2 cents 🙂

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      I agree, I guess resale value is a major thing when it comes to purchasing any guitar – maybe not so much with a $200 guitar though. Are you able to sell any of these guitars with different logos as they still do have copyright issues around other things including shape.
      I have ended up going for a guitar with no logo at all for my first purchase, can’t wait 🙂
      I am assuming that if i eventually wanted to sell this I would be – Might have to do some research first.

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