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Chaylor Milton K24ce

All of the guitars I have bought so far have come from Aliexpress and were from four sellers. All of the sellers have appeared to be good when investigating them via feedback and communicating with them. However every one of them has let me down and got bad feedback at one time or another from me or other buyers. This is why I can NEVER recommend any particular seller!

Click on any one of the links below to see my Chinese purchased guitars to full details of dates, prices and sellers for each.

Please note that I do not either condone nor recommend the purchase of counterfeit guitars and urge you to have your own decals put on the head stock of any you might buy.

My purchases were for research purposes so that you don’t have to buy a fake. No seller in my experience is reliable and all have let me down at one time or another.

I do not recommend ANY seller on ANY Chinese site.

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Ordered: 17 March 2013

Received:  12 April 2013

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $297

Issues: Neck relief, wiring, high frets, un-potted pups, Intonation, bridge set

Upgrades: Set up, wiring replaced, shielding, replaced pups

Pickups put in: Entwistle – Darkstars

Here’s what I said about Maggie in her unboxing video on You Tube:

After curiosity got the better of me I ordered a Chinese PRS clone/fake/replica guitar. The one thing I hadn’t seen on You Tube was someone showing what these things sound like right out of the box, so here it is warts and all.

The guitar was bought on Aliexpress from the top seller [no names as I don’t want to encourage business in fakes] and it took 3 weeks from ordering to get to me via EMS shipping – boy that was a nervous wait!

UK customs it turned out had it for 6 days!!! Then the tracking number stopped working and eventually I got a letter from Parcelforce telling me I had a fee to pay. Woohoo that was the best bill I can remember in a while.

Anyhow in the video it is played [badly and out of tune – I just couldn’t get it in] through my Carlsbro GLX85 burgundy limited edition combo. It is miked with an SM57 direct and SM58 at the edge of the cone off axis.

I hope this is of some use to you…my advice on buying a Chinese guitar, a PRS or Gibson copy is DON’T – but if you really have to then:

1. Research all the sites and all the sellers

2. Only buy from sellers with great, if not 100% feedback

3. Ask all your questions and for pictures of the ‘actual’ guitar before you buy

4. Request no scarf joint in the neck

5. Don’t bother asking about the pickups – while mine are Epiphone all of these Chinese copy guitars come with un-potted microphonic pups. You are either going to have to swap them or wax pot them

6. Buy using a credit card or paypal never by direct payment like Western Union, that way you not only have Escrow but your card company to fight your corner if you do get ripped off.

7. One you are confident pay and then be patient – they take what feels like a lifetime to come.


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’



Ordered: 8 April 2013

Received:  26 April 2013

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $249.30

Issues: Neck relief, wiring, high frets, un-potted pups, Intonation, bridge set

Upgrades: Set up, wiring replaced, shielding, replaced pups

Pickups put in: Entwistle – HDN’s

WOW! What can I say. The second China PR-less is somewhat PR-more and very well made indeed. Still a couple of hours to set up and couldn’t quite get the action as low as Maggie, but TIGER as I am currently calling her is one heck of a nice guitar.

The orange quilted maple top is flawless and simple beautiful and she plays really nicely despite a slightly higher action than Maggie.

Surprisingly the pups, while they don’t have adjustable magnets, do appear to be potted or at very least shielded and make no squealing when gain is added. They have a lovely balanced tone too.


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’



Ordered: 1 May 2013

Received:  22 May 2013

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $270

Issues: Wiring, terrible and un-potted pups, Intonation

Upgrades: Set up, wiring replaced, shielding, replaced pups

Pickups put in: Iron Gear – Tesla Sharks

The China Les[s] Paul Custom[s] arrived safely [my first] and again this Chinese copy was a complete revelation.

Not only do there appear to be little or no issues with the set up [which is a first] but the guitar weighs in at almost 6.5Kg = 14lbs! I’m almost certain that the body is one piece of mahogany and there is no scarf joint in the neck.

Further the requested features are all there including the correct [not small] size diamond on the headstock in mother of pearl and the fret end binding up the neck.

The Grover tuners are well solid and have held tune all night long while playing the crap out of the guitar.

The only downsides have been a cracked tone knob on the treble set and the fact that the pups are definitely not potted and sound terrible. these China supplied pups are not any branded make but just rubbish copies. Some may be waxed but these certainly are not.

I make a mistake on the unboxing video and say that the headstock and body binding are both 5 part but the body is actually the correct 7 part binding.

The case is great and the guitar seems to sustain well. I hit a note before tea, came back 25 minutes later and it was still ringing!! Well … OKAY … almost.

Debating what pups to put in this now as it surprisingly see seems worthy of some great pups! Your suggestions would be most welcome.


PS: Her name it ‘Mitzi’ as in Dupree as she is a deep purple…although she looks brown in some shots in the video. The advance shots video is more representative of her true colour.


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’


Purple Haze

Ordered: 17 April 2013

Received:  30 May 2013

Seller:   No longer in business

Price: $435

Issues: Wiring, neck set wrong, high  frets, un-potted pups, bridge & intonation

Upgrades: Set up, neck repair, wiring replaced, shielding, replaced pups

Pickups put in: Entwistle Darkstar Zebra Stripes

At last a guitar that tries to justify my scepticism! This one arrived with a case, which was one of the most poorly built I have ever seen. The hinges and clips never line up properly.

Also  the guitar itself was put together wrong with the neck break angle way too steep and thus even by raising the bridge I can either get the intonation correct or the relief.

Several weeks of incrementally loosening the truss rod to some high degree of reverse tension and I was almost able to get the relief in the neck to prevent too many notes chocking.

chinaguitarsceptic (20)Purple haze is one of the best looking guitars I have seen and the finish is immaculate. However there are many things that the seller did not follow through on which I asked for. Not least of these was the fact that I wanted it to be a complete custom guitar in the ‘style of’ a PRS and yet when she arrived she had the private stock decals on the back of the headstock, once again clearly making this a fake!

For all the cost and good intention of getting my logo on the headstock and minimising trademark infringement to the vague-ities of body and headstock shape [which we know all brands rip each other off on] I was let down by the seemingly impossible task of Quality Control on the part of the Chinese.

Following up on the issues with this guitar Angeline Lee was incredibly unhelpful considering that I had paid her over $400 for this guitar. She offered $20 compensation and I told her to keep it if that is all she could do.

“I give you big discount on your next guitar friend!”

As if there would be another from this seller!!!!! Ha!


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’


Greeny Moore

Ordered: 30 August 2013

Received:  3 October 2013

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $310

Issues: Broken neck at the headstock break point

Upgrades: Whole series documented in a special PLAYLIST on my You Tube Channel

Pickups put in: Originals that came with here were great and so I did the Peter Green Modification on them

Introducing Greenie Moore, the Chibson Less Paul Standard Collectors Choice #1. The unboxing video was finally made after 2 months of waiting and negotiation, following the disappointment with Lily the Pink PR Less, an order I placed in between with Wholesale Guitar Zhang and that I was badly let down on.

First impressions count and despite having to raise a dispute with the seller immediately for a broken neck, this guitar is possibly the best I have had from China yet in terms of how it came set up and playing right out of the box – and what a beautiful box too. The case with this one is my favourite to date a beautiful brown leather effect with red interior plush faux fur.

Only closer inspection reveals the work to do to make her completely right. There is very minor neck and intonation adjustments to do. However the biggest surprise is that, having got the pup replacements already, I didn’t need them! These ARE WAX POTTED!!!!! Gasp!!!

However the nut is a complete piece of chewing gum left on the bedpost overnight and will need replacing almost immediately.

Eventually Sara Lee sent me a complete replacement guitar FREE OF CHARGE and all I had to pay was the import tax of £40 ish.

Greeny Moore 2 is also unboxed on my channel and the surprise was to find a complete one piece body as well as one piece neck!

Sara Lee is the closest I have come to recommending a seller – but I still can’t due to the broken neck in the first place. It definitely left the factory that way which is typical of the Chinese quality control and hence why even though she did all she could to remedy the situation to my complete satisfaction – I can’t recommend her!


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’




Ordered: 4 November 2013

Received:  22 November 2013

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $285 [+ £80.75 for case later refunded]

Issues: None

Upgrades: None required

Pickups put in: Seymour Duncan SA-3HC sound hole mounted PUP

Not sure what I can say about Blondie other than the fact that like her namesake she was pretty and almost perfect sounding right out of the cardboard box she was sent in. This despite the fact that I bought and paid for a beautiful case for her which was later refunded in full.

It’s a real shame the seller missed the trick and didn’t check with his supplier about the case as otherwise he may have been the first Chinese seller to get a thumbs up all round from me.

Blondie was bought entirely due to requests from my You Tube friends and subscribers who had not seen many, if any, unboxings of D45’s on line. I always try to help where I can and didn’t need much encouraging to buy this one as it is a true legendary standard guitar.

She turned out to be the most popular of all the guitars I have bought, unboxed and played right out of the box with viewing figures for Blondie just about outstripping Grenny Moore on my You Tube Channel.

My only regret with this purchase was that I didn’t have my personal logo put on her as she is a real beauty. I am considering getting a second with my decal on so watch this space.

I have done several videos on her and she always turns heads – typical blonde!!


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’


Chaylor Milton – K24ce

Chaylor Milton K24ce
Chaylor Milton K24ce

Ordered: 20 March 2015

Received:  21 April 2015

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $423 including custom work and white own branded case

Issues: None

Upgrades: None required

Pickups put in: B – Band VOL, TREB, BASS Controls

Not yet named this guitar folks so your suggestions would be most welcome. 

The buying experience through Kevin Shi was smooth enough as I sent lots of pictures and had plenty of discussion prior to placing the order. He was absolutely sure of what I wanted and was ordering. As a result the build was almost perfect. Save for a very upsetting damage to the fretboard around the 7th fret the guitar was pretty much perfect and I love the white case with my Milton logo on it.

The plugged in sound and the B-band EQ is first class and blows away my Takamine and my Ovation.

I have made this one my go to acoustic for playing in my duo and expect to do plenty of recording with it soon which I will share on the You Tube channel.


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’


GRACE [The Bass] – The ‘Milton’ Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Style Copy

Milton Geddy Lee Bass

Ordered: 27 March 2015

Received:  22 May 2015

Seller: No longer in business

Price: $255 including custom Milton logo & No trademark infringements

Issues: None

Upgrades: None required

Pickups put in: Standard FJ style Pupa

I’m thinking here name should be ‘Grace’ after the Rush album Grace Under Pressure [A great Bass line in Queen’s Under Pressure too!].

This Bass was set up pretty much perfectly out of the box are there are no issues to offer at the time of writing. This is still not a recommendation for this seller or any Chinese seller as quality controls cannot be guaranteed. However I am very pleased with Cathy and her service. Let’s see how Grace turns out over time.


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’


SNAKE – ESP James Helfield style copy

Ordered: 02 February 2017

Received:  04 March 2017

Seller: No longer sharing this information

Price: $270

Issues: Strange colouration on the fretboard. Required a setup and battery for the active pickups

Upgrades: None required

Pickups put in: None retained the fake EMGs

Ordered 2nd Feb 2017 & broke all of my own rules:
1. Never used seller and they had no previous sales of this guitar
2. Their feedback score overall was 66.7% so quite poor
3. Had no communication with the seller other than to request no Trademark infringing graphics
Tracking number provided on 3rd Feb 2017, Shipped 23rd Feb 2017, Arrived UK 27th Feb 2017
Cleared customs and at delivery depot 4th March 2017

Unboxing 10th March 2017


‘HOME’ – Maggie’ – ‘Tiger’ – ‘Mitzi’ – ‘Purple Haze’  – ‘Greeny Moore’  – ‘Blondie’‘Chaylor K24ce’ – ‘Grace’ – ‘Snake’

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