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If you ask a polite and sensible question in the comments section below, I will do my best to address it in my next video Q & A Session on You Tube.

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  1. Nice new forum. Are we still going to be able to see the A, B, C, sellers list? Thanks for all the time and effort spent in doing an up date..

  2. I hope you are going to make it easier to read these grey small words on a white back ground are killing on the eyes

  3. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for this buddy. Please check that you have your browser set up optimally for font size that suits you. This site is scaling and will appear differently for every user configuration. I will mention it on the next Vlog buddy so thanks for the idea. CGS :o)

    As a short term fix you can hit [CTRL] and [+] to zoom the sizes up a bit then use [CTRL] and [-] to zoom back down again. Hope this helps your eyes buddy :o)

    [EDIT] And just for you buddy, you will now note the little blue buttons at the side of the site which will allow you to scale just the fonts. :o)

  4. what size and make of strings do you use on your electric guitars? I use ernie ball size 9s on mine!

  5. I noticed on one of the earlier videos on a build of a single cut Chibson you did not include a ground wire to the tailpiece to ground the strings, was this an oversight? A large resistor and capacitor is a safer option.
    Nice upgrade to the CGS site.

  6. I haven’t bought a chipson yet because of the last problem you had on the one you just got in by the way that guitar looks excellent I like the color but glad you finally got it. Thinking of ordering one at the beginning of the year and have them put the name chibson on the headstock instead Gibson just to make sure it pass customs and gets to me. also have other ideas that I want for like my serial number and the model name.
    I want a 60s Slim Tapered neck and I don’t know if they will do that. My question for you is will they do that for a customer. I want it on a custom guitar
    Which usually comes with a fat neck maybe you might know the answer and what they would charge for different neck. Thanks for the info on the cases now I know not to order a case with it. P.S What do you think of the name chibson on the headstock instead of Gibson. I’m doing that because you have to keep the guitar for life and it’s a reminder to me of the error of these guitars. Maybe someday it will be valuable because it doesn’t say Gibson on it. Well thanks for your time now I’m going to shut up and go play my guitar. Have a nice Thanksgiving with your Familys. THANKS..

  7. I just recently started watching your videos and must say they have gotten me interested at trying out a Chinese built guitar. (please don’t tell my Gibsons and Fenders). I found one that interests me on AliExpress at Sara Lee’s site. In an attempt to get it through Customs, I figured the safest route would be to request it have my own logo instead of one of an actual company. I sent a message through the contact at the Sara Lee store but have yet to hear anything from them, and it’s been several days now. How long does it usually take for them to respond to what I think is a simple question? If and when they do respond, how do you go about sending them your own logo?
    Once I get that part of it out of the way, I’ll ask them to be sure the neck is straight and the frets are leveled as this seems to be an issue unless requested. I can handle the set up, new nut, and electronics myself.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  8. Are the Chinese start copies better quality than Mexican strats or Squiers?
    I would like to have a strat with my own logos and a few other changes made so would it be better to order from china or modify a Squier?

  9. It is your site that keeps me leaning toward trying a chibson buy. D 45 seems to have alot of happy campers at the end. I do not expect a sound copy of course. but to have it made with solid woods and proper choices is important to me. I know alot of people keep asking where do i get it from, which dealer. Is it hard to access one dealer that is honest and to contiue a paltform of future purchases? Are you purchasing the single one for sale or is this seller choosing from different sources or same maker. is there a preffered maker?

  10. In regards to your D 45. Chartin. Is is solid wood on the sides and back or laminate? I assume top is spruce solid but not neccassarily Sitka Spruce? Are you sure of the wood type on sides and back? Would you recomend this deale rfor D 45’s? Another words did you get what you wanted. Neck looks one peice but is it straight enough to play guitar all the way down fretboard? Is the intuition good down at the twelth fret? Lots of questions but I dont see them up here. Looking to get me d-45 style and a Les Paul Cibson thios summer. Figure better wait for warmer weather not ghood on guitar being shipped arpund -30, George from the Great White North Canada.

  11. Solid woods on D -45 STYLE? Hi, First?post, I am curious to find a dealer that can get me solid sides and back rosewood and sPruce aaa top D-45 design. Just hearing if anyone has asked for these and received them would help my thinking mind. Thx. And aprreciate this site.

  12. Ive heard them dressed up and played against real thing. Really close hard to tell. Thats a beaut. Thanks for your playin. from Northern

    Canada -40 today.


  14. I can’t seem to duplicate the problem buddy. Testing it out now for you. 🙂

  15. Hope the recent updates worked for you buddy? Please let me know if not.


  16. Hi,
    I’ve ordered a Chibson J200 from “Hugos” via Ali express.The item has now been “Re-shipped” with a new tracking number …but it doesnt work putiing the tracking number in to the search to track it.I have informed ali express and i’m a bit worried it might not turn up!..Have you or any other members had this problem?
    Thanks in advance


  17. Hi Mac,

    Be in touch with your seller buddy and check what is happening. What they often do to get around the build deadline set by aliexpress, is give you a false tracking number to show that they have shipped and met the deadline. However in reality they are still sourcing or building it. A new tracking number indicates that they have booked the courier shipment, but again they may yet to post it. You need to just check with your seller.
    Remember the good thing about Aliexpress is that they hold your money until you confirm that you have the guitar. Be sure not to let this go over the deadline to raise a dispute if you still have not got it, otherwise just chill and relax.


  18. Hi I ordered a vintage Sunburst 1960 les std with a tweed case. I got a black case, an empty black case. Going through all the dispute crap now. Have sent link to unboxing vid. Will let all know outcome.

  19. Just received Lp 50th Anniversary from Jason Jia. CN Dream OEM Guitars. No problems other than two months to get it. That didn’t other me however. I ordered from him BEFORE I saw your interview with him and before I read the poor rating in forum here. Has your experience or conversations about him improved? Thanks Barry in Omaha USA

  20. Like any seller he can be OK but regularly is terrible. At least he bothered to come on my channel and say sorry for his poor performance. 🙂

  21. I love your info on YouTube need more.tring to decide if i want to try out one or more of these copys

  22. Thanks Bassman01 – I hope if you decide to take the plunge that you do it with your own logo buddy. Let us know how you get on 🙂 Good luck!

  23. Sorry that this page seems to have been hidden for a couple of years. I found it again on the latest update of the site. Feel free to ask your open questions here for all to answer.

  24. I’m very interested in purchasing the Martin D45S you reviewed primarily to be used as a backup and travel guitar. I note, unfortunately, that the original seller you purchase from is no longer in business. Could you recommend a current vendor from which to purchase this guitar? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  25. Hey Mark,

    Very sorry but it has been five years since I’ve used any seller and back then I could not find a reliable one. They all get bad feedback and then change their store name and start again.

  26. How do you pay customs charges if any in USA?? Do you get a bill or something you can pay online?

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